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Happy Mother’s Day – a letter to my Mother, by Gary Masters

Dear Mom,


I wanted to send up a note to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day and of course say Hi! It’s almost been seven years since we last had an opportunity to speak and look at each other face to face. I will remember that conversation and the look on your face forever! Yes, I’m sure you remember the conversation too. The look on your face was one that showed great pride and true joy!

I could stop and tell you about all the ups, downs, challenges and adversity I have been through during that time, but I’m sure you have the inside scoop. The important part is that I get down on my knees each morning and thank God for letting me wake up and I ask for forgiveness for all the bad stuff too. I still smile a lot, that’s what everybody says; of course if you would spend a few days around me, you would notice that I don’t smile as much as I used too. (Don’t worry, no one down here picks up on it, I stay on the move most of the time and I still smile enough for people to wonder what’s going on and what I’m up to.) I work hard to make each day worth the price I pay. I strive to keep it positive and focus on surrounding myself with positive people and try to avoid negative people and negative situations. It’s just a different day and time around here. Hard to explain, but it’s different…not bad, just different.

Yes, as you know … happened, It has been tough on all involved. There were so many things going on at many levels. Most importantly I am focused and moving forward.

You want me to tell you a HUGE mistake I made? I forgot the recipe for the Iced Tea! Yeah, every now and then I’ll find a restaurant that comes close. What’s wild is that I still have some of my High School and College buddies that remember your Iced Tea. Yeah I thought that would bring a smile to your face.

Mom, I hope you have a HAPPY MOTHER’s Day. Feliz Dia de las Madres, Te quiero mucho!

I love you, Mom!

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